We offer multiple Diet Plans for all age people

  • One-to-one Consultation: You can make an appointment and meet me for a personal consultation.
  • Online Consultation: If you are very busy and can’t meet me, no worries, you can consult me online.
  • Telephonic Consultation: Very busy in your regular schedule and need a personalized touch, our telephonic consultation is here for you.

You can purchase any of our following diet plans as per your requirement and consultation need.

  • One Time
  • One Month
  • Three Months
  • Six Months
  • One Year

Weight loss diet plan

This diet focuses on healthy eating and correcting the nutritional imbalance of the body. The diet is planned after understanding your lifestyle and generally around your eating habits. There is no starving and crash diets.

Weight gain diet plan

This diet helps you reach your optimum weight. Just like being overweight is not desirable, being underweight also is not a very good state to be in. You gain weight while heating healthy, nutritious food.

Detox diet plan

This diet helps you to detox and feel light and energetic. The focus is on eating light and fresh. Go for this plan if you are generally feeling heavy, bloated or sluggish. It makes you feel good for sure!

Slimfast diet plan

This is for those who have some important functions to attend and want quick results. This gives you a good inch loss too.

Healthy diet plan for children

A diet plan which provides a balanced and nutritious meal plan for children. Nutrition plays a very important role in childhood and a balanced meal plan is the answer to that.

Diet plan for teenagers

A diet plan for those tumultuous years of your/your child’s life when healthy eating is the last thing on their minds. But the nutritional requirements are there. The adolescent age needs this balanced plan tailor made for their requirements.

Healthy eating plan

There are people who are not overweight and are healthy but want to know about the correct eating habits and foods. Go for it if you are one of them. Your coming years will thank you for this.

Pregnancy and lactation plans

The most crucial time of a woman’s life and extremely demanding as far as nutrition is concerned. Go for this plan even before you are pregnant. Prepare your body to welcome a healthy baby. This plan guides you from pre-pregnancy to lactation.

Old age Plan

Old age is the evening of our lives, but it can be a beautiful evening. This plan is planned around the challenges of old age and helps the elderly be as healthy as possible.

Diabetes Plan

A growing number of people are suffering from this silent killer. Diet plays a major role in management of diabetes. This plan helps you manage diabetes beautifully while eating a variety of foods.

Thyroid and PCOD plans

A large number of women (even few men) suffer from hypothyroid and many from PCOD. Again diet helps to manage these conditions very effectively. You are not doomed to be overweight due to thyroid. This plan will help you in that.

Cholesterol Plan

Diet is very important in management of cholesterol. High cholesterol also generally brings in extra weight and this plan will help you in managing your cholesterol levels.

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